Wednesday, August 24

Bad Bobby Attacks!

So, the highlight of last night's besides Jedward pissing everyone off by giving Amy a wedgie was the bizarre and unexplained transformation of Bobby from uninteresting beautiful plank into some kind of loudmouth twisted evil genius. It's like he's been some kind of sleeper agent waiting for the right codeword, inadvertently mumbled by Paddy (fantastic 'sausage' mumble last night).
Dismissing Amy as a gold-digger, and basically coming across with a basic hatred of everyone, I foresee Bad Bobby treading the fine line between 'entertaining bastard', saving himself from eviction, and 'fucking bastard', getting some kind of 'vote him out' campaign going on by the crazy people who actually vote on such things.
Other highlights from last night include more shots of Darryn's scary 8-pack, Sally Duvet attempting to make a cleaning rota, causing the housemates to react like she'd just written Mein Kampf in veal blood.

So, there you go. Bad Bobby will destroy the universe.

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