Friday, August 26

Live Eviction. Ooh.

It's time for a live eviction. Woo.
Oh look, its Brian, the nervous floppy armed honk. Slightly better hair this week. That is the only improvement.

Then the longest recap in the world, making the 'live' label of the show rather redundant.
The slebs continue to be dressed in Oz gear, which is good because it means I hadn't eaten cheese and gone bonkers last night.

Not sure which is the kinkiest image, scarecrow Amy or munchkin Tara. Maybe I could toss a coin...

But, enough tossing...

Paddy said 'sausage' while dressed as a dog. No doubt trying to get a job with Walls.

Jedward were dressed as gnomes, and one of them had a bra on his head. I cannot comment on this.

Bad Bobby thinks the reason he should stay in the house is because he 'has the most to learn from the experience'. or most likely to stab everyone with a spatula.

Kerry thinks she should stay in the house because she is 'a bit of a laugh and blah blah blah blah and a bit of a laugh.'

Sally wants to stay in to piss off the Daily Mail. And er...

...thats it. I don't like her.

Pamela then had to prove her bravery against a scary leprechaun, armed with polystyrene cups. Well, I say scary... kind of like Will Ferrell on valium with a croaky voice. She passed, without gaining any stigmata. Irritatingly.

Then everyone went to sleep, apart from the Fruit Shoot gnomes. Who proceeded to be noisy irritating bastards, waking Amy up, shaving foam attacking Evil Dorothy Bobby. Such a bonkers bit of telly, a cross dressing bearded Dorothy chasing a squealing gnome around with a hand full of white gooeyness.

The Wizard of Oz task, sponsored by Neurofen Plus (read the news, kids) was passed, despite the best efforts of Kerry, fag addict and Paddy the dog.

A party ensued, meaning Bobby got to hide in a mattress fort, probably making evil plans. Tara showed everyone how to dance, by staring at people like a bonkers fool. Kerry did a little wee. Lucien possibly came in his pants.

And there you go, that was last night. Eviction time...

And my tellybox just crashed. Hang on a minute. Fucks sake...

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