Thursday, August 25

A Shit Day...

In the aftermath of Bobby becoming evil, Darryn spent Wednesday's show trying to dig himself out of a well of hatred, probably straining his fake tummy lumps.
Bad Bobby showed no regrets for basically destroying Bibendum, and may well have saved himself from eviction.
Evil is fun when it battles evil.

The poor weather put the slebs on a downer, as they lounged about talking their cod sleb philosophy. Mostly, this was a pile of nonsense, removed of all credibility as the slebs' hairdos got gradually more 'in progress' throughout the day.

Amy decided she didn't like Bad Bobby, a feeling that is apparently mutual, and will probably result in friction and Shenanigans later in the series.

Mrs Hoff displayed an inability to cook nice looking food (although to be fair, I thought it looked Yummy, but ill eat any old shite) or pronounce the word 'risotto' correctly

Rizz-oh-toe. Shut up.

Jedward ate beans in a sauna as the mood in the house made Tara cry. I don't know whether it was the impending and inevitable arguments or the heated Irish clone darts, but obviously something needed cutting with a knife, tension or methane.

The daily task split Jedward into two people, through the use of electrodes and spandex. This was as immensely hilarious as idiots in pain always is.
The twins did seem to struggle being apart, and even referring to themselves as their actual names.
As funny as watching a couple of day-glo condom men giving each other anal electric pain.

Paddy gave Lucien relationship advice... "a hefeluhga meermer per pussycat doll fluffanuff"

One of the Jedwards had a fake wedding, marrying Amy. Basically an excuse for a slow motion shot of Amy's knockers in a corset. The other Jedward looked slightly suicidal at the thought of losing their twin. Although to be fair, in a week or so's time he'll be getting a blowie off of Tara.

Everyone then got pissed and bitched about their fame and subsequent press coverage. Like a vicious circle of famous money bullshit.
Bad Bobby continued to go evil, talking to a camera window, calling Kerry 'gross' and everyone else 'fucking children'. Why he didn't go in the diary room for a rant is beyond me, but he then proceeded to wander round the house chuntering to camera windows like a tramp who's lost his shoe.
He is now Beyond Bonkers Bad Bobby.

And he will get worse.

Footnote: my missus says she doesnt like Kerry's rabbit jumper. This is her contribution to be blog.

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