Monday, August 22

Walk Like An Egyptian...

Missed Sunday's show as I was all knackered from seeing monkeys, but caught up today. What did I miss?

- Darryn showing off a bizarre fat six pack. Confusingly odd. Almost as fake as Tara's boobs.
- Tara giving Jedward and Jedward erections by quoting the Big Lebowski
- Mohammed Al Fayed popping in to drop off some perve at the girls and give them his number.
- One of Jedward not being able to get up when tied up. This may prove useful when I kidnap them...
- Paddy getting all upset after talking to his kids. "ah ferm Ye bollocks".
- Darryn's life story. Zzz.
- Lucian making a Hot or Not list, interrupted by Kerry walking in... "yeah I do watch cricket." He says. And he is a well paid actor.
- Egyptian costumes and booze. What a fantastic idea. Oh dear.
- Lucian and Amy's not at all deliberately forced romance continues to continue... zzz.
- Tara doesn't like Darryn. The first sign that she has a soul.
- Bobby the Moggle continues to nod and smile, like he knows what is happening.

Think that's about it... didn't miss much. Prefer monkeys.

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