Thursday, September 1

Holiday Catch-up - 1

I've been on holiday for a few days, so here's my holiday catch up blog.
If I miss anything important, well, it's your own fault for ignoring me when i asked someone to do a guest blog spot.

Right, I missed Saturday's show first because I was catching up on Doctor Who because I had to go to the shops when that was on... so here's a recap of FRIDAY.
This is confusing. I need coffee.

Jedward learned to shave. They didn't die.
Nothing Happened.
Nothing Happened.
Sally Duvet is still in it. This is really confusing.
Paddy said "ar fanular tech opposite monaloa pon"
Jedward talked a lot while Darryn and Bad Bobby wrote a shopping list and got cross.
Everyone else complained about the shopping list and got cross.
Everone got cross.
Everyone went to sleep, sending Jedward on a rampage of boredom and e-numbers.

Jedward Vs Darryn.
Weapons used - Bread bag full of water.
Darryn's response - grumpy.

Jedward Vs Paddy.
Technique used - Wedgie.
Paddy's response - "ahre hur feh wedgie wedgie."

Jedward Vs Kerry.
Technique used - Verbal teasing.
Kerry's defence mechanism - Hiding in silly cardigan.

Jedward Vs Kerry. Rematch.
Weapons used - Bubble bath, water, wrong dancing.
Paddy's response - "weh ref fer aweh wid de fairies"

Amy was encouraged to learn Shakespeare. A cringeworthy display of thickness ruining the bard. Jedward responded with their own cod-philosophy. Which actually sounded wiser than Amy.
Nothing happened.
Nothing happened.
(I got an email advertising discount meat. But I realised it was just Spam)
Nothing happened.
Sally got evicted. See the world go 'Meh'.
Jedward had a tin of tuna with ketchup. The food of kings.
Nothing happened.
Nothing happened.
Nothing happened.
Meanwhile, in Doctor Who, the character Mels was introduced out of nowhere, and a confusing backstory was crowbarred into the plot to try and make her inclusion seem clever. When really it just came across as half arsed and lazy.
Nothing happened.
Nothing happened.
Pamela was a bit sad.

Turns out I didnt miss much...

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