Thursday, September 1

Holiday Catch-Up - 2

Right, Sunday's show. About Saturday.
It's Thursday today.
Friday Friday gotta get down on Friday
Everybody's looking forward to the weekend weekend.


Nothing happened.


TARA DANCED AROUND IN HER PANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!
and then...
some cooking with Marco Pierre-White. Who is a mean man. or at least he is trying to sound mean. Comes across as a bit of a twatty Gandalf.
He made some onions and lettuce with a fish on it.
then everyone else tried to do the same. and someone gave Jedward knives. Sharp knives.
The fools.
Then Jedward did the washing-up* with predictable results.
*putting things on the floor and rolling in it.
Not sure what happened next because I went to cook super-noodles, but I did see Jedward making a castle out of toast. Which made Kerry cross and she threatened to tell on them.
It was a fucking awesome toast castle, and then they put hairspray on it.
Tara got messy drunk, threw a jug of water on Lucien, then hallucinated a dog on the inside of the outside of the inside of the outside of the wall and then went gradually more bonkers.
Seriously, I don't think she should be allowed booze.
No more than Jedward should be allowed toast.
Finally, Pamela did something. Unfortunately, this was bonkers sleep-talking.
I fear someone may be stabbed soon. It's like Sucker Punch. But without the schoolgirl uniforms.
Well, except Jedward. They have the uniforms.

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