Thursday, September 1

Holiday Catch-Up - 3

Right, this is Monday's show. About Sunday. I am eating Super-Noodles in Tomato Soup. I promise I'll put more effort into awesomeness once I've caught up.

Jedward wrapped Jedward in clingfilm.
Kerry got a bit sad.
well it's a bit dull to be honest. These Super-noodles are fucking fantastic, mind. Nom Nom Nom.

Right, anyway, from what i gather, everyone is going a bit bonkers. Which is fair, there's a guy who talks in mumbles, a guy with a michelin man tummy and a couple of Fruit Shoot gnomes, it's enough to send anyone mad.

Bobby has stopped being evil and has reverted to being Tumbleweed Bobby. Meh.


Well, this is awkward. Thanks to twitter I already know Pamela has gone. So... er...
Well, it's the usual excuses, "dont really know them that well" "they sleep talk" "I fucking despise their face"...

Right, that's that done. Next Kerry gave birth, helped by Jedward pushing down on her tummy.
If you are going into labour, don't push on your tummy. That's just fucking stupid.

Maybe someone should explain to Jedward where babies come from. Or maybe they just need to see a vagina for the first time.

Nominations continue, I got a bit bored and read the comments under Channel 5's On Demand feed.
Apparently according to Jazzy, "Hey jedward haters..these guys were cross-country athletes b4 they switched to music....they've done more than you lot i bet".

There are an awful lot of comments 'removed by moderator'. Methinks they probably include naughty words.

and you have to feel sorry for Perla, "I wish channel 5 were on live on their website, my parents are always on the tvs at night YES I HAVE TWO TVS AND THEY'RE ALWAYS USING IT! I honestly hate waiting till they upload it on here they take forever somtimes, and yes i am aware that bb has just aired on tv but if its not on this or youtube between 11-12 pm/am im going on a rampage."

of course, then Perla goes and ruins it with "cheryl cole". To which i can't find a context. I have looked. I spent 5 minutes looking. WHY, PERLA, WHY?!?

Oh good god, Jedward are now dressed like babies. I think I'm having a reverse erection.

Oooh tension, Bobby and Tara discussed nominations. It's very dull tension. Like a headache just before a bit of heavy rain.

Oh, that was it. Wow. Time flies when you're eating noodles.

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